Lupe: Chemotherapy Needed ASAP

Lupe: Chemotherapy Needed ASAP

Chemotherapy is needed immediately to help save Lupe.

This gentle dog is Lupe. She follows her senior, hardworking owner to the market to sell her wares everyday. The old woman does not have money to spare to get Lupe the cancer treatment she needs to battle the sexually transmitted disease she is suffering from and to get Lupe sterilized.

TVT cancer is rampant among the strays and dogs that are owned in impoverished areas all across the globe. Unsterilized animals bring not only unwanted litters but disease and starvation.

We have partnered with Near and Far Animal Foundation to raise the $200 to get Lupe started with chemotherapy. With every hoodie, shirt, tote or bracelet/necklace purchased, we can give Lupe the chemotherapy treatment she needs to survive.

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Near and Far Animal Foundation focuses on saving animals that are forgotten, abandoned and in dire need of a compassionate helping hand right here in our own land and across the globe. We are committed to working with independent rescuers and volunteers.