Millie's owner was murdered and buried in the front yard!

Millie's owner was murdered and buried in the front yard!

A shelter contacted Second Chance Rescue to ask if they would be able to save a few dogs. The shelter sent rescuers several photos to choose which of the few dogs they would be able to rescue. When rescuers at Second Chance Rescue have 8 pairs of eyes staring from behind a photograph asking to be helped, they could not take just a few. Many of the dogs rescued by Second Chance Rescue have medical issues that need to be addressed.

Millie, one of the dogs rescued, is beyond critical. When we heard what had happened to her, rescuers were all shocked.Her owner's husband murdered her and buried her in the yard where Millie was chained with several other dogs. He is now in jail. This is an active case, we aren't privy to anymore information than what the rescue has disclosed.

Her health was declining fast at the shelter, and Second Chance Rescue knew they needed to rush her to the hospital. She is very sick and would likely die without intervention. We do not yet know what Millie has been through, but given what happened to her owner, we know her life to this point has likely not been good.

She had been at the shelter for 3 weeks with her health rapidly declining. She was pooping blood & vomiting - faster than the shelter could keep cleaning it. Her belly is very distended. The shelter got her to a local vet for basic diagnostics and fluids but she is getting worse very fast. But, Second Chance Rescue needed to act quickly and that they did.

Last night, a miracle happened for Millie, she went #2. I don't think anyone in the history of rescue has ever been so happy to see a dog take a poop. The entire hospital erupted in glee, they took photos of this prodigious event & sent them over instantly. Millie is 2 yrs old, heartworm positive & weighs only 27 lbs. She has a long ways to go before she makes a full recovery.

This will take a village to save Millie and the other dogs rescued. Second Chance Rescue needs your help today to save the 8 dogs. Every one of these dogs used to be someone's dog and now they are sitting in a cage unseen, waiting until their final hour. With every purchase you make, we will deliver a life-saving donation directly to Second Chance Rescue to care for Millie and all 8 of the dogs rescued. With your help, we can give these pups a new life filled with love.


Millie's intestines were the size of balloons and her intestines stopped working. Second Chance Rescue rushed Millie to the hospital where they had to remove 2 lbs of fluid pus from her belly. As rescuers found out, Millie has diffused Intestinal Ileus. If her intestines didn't start moving, she would die. We don't know what caused her to have this; we'll never know. This was a rare and difficult case. Ileus occurs when the intestines stop passing food through. This is a severe condition and if left untreated, it can cut off blood supply to the intestines and cause tissue death. The paralysis can lead to intestinal obstruction. Not only did Millie survive the surgery, she then immediately started responding to treatment and then eventually began eating.

Of these 7, the 1 with the most medical needs was obvious. 7 of 8 dogs are stable, those that are positive for heartworm will be treated for it. Everyone will be vaccinated, altered, chipped, they've already been parvo tested, had bloodwork & fecals done. They're all getting dewormed, everyone has parasites. A couple already have upper respiratory infections.

Millie continues to do well under the care of Dr. Terry. She's still eating, going to the bathroom regularly (important) and being treated like the beautiful rare rose she is. We are in no way out of the woods yet but so far all in all wonderful steps in the right direction. Please continue to help us cover their medical bills with one of the custom products below!

Millie continues to improve. She still has to gain weight, but she is beating all of the odds! She will start her heartworm treatment and will be spayed when she puts on another 10 pounds. 

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Second Chance Rescue NYC was founded on the firm belief that all animals deserve love and care, and that no animal should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect or homelessness. We are 100% not for profit, and to date, have relied solely on donations from the public. Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate—those with critical medical, emotional or behavioral issues.