Mississippi 8: Left to Die in an Abandoned House

Mississippi 8: Left to Die in an Abandoned House

We have an extremely urgent situation right now. Rescuers just received a call from their team on the ground, in a very bad area of Yazoo City, Mississippi. A white female pitbull was found with multiple puncture wounds on her head! She is nearly hairless living in a pile of garbage behind an abandoned house.

The smell of rotten flesh is putrid. It appears that infection has started to set into some of her puncture wounds. Her skin is raw and bloody. Despite the pain and painful wounds, she is extremely friendly, and is welcoming rescuers to help save her. She is in very critical condition.

Once the team entered the dilapidated house, underneath piles of garbage they discovered 6 tiny puppies who are only days old! Then Second Chance Rescue NYC Dog’s team found another very scared mama dog who has wedged herself between remanence of the house and more refuse. She is also in critical condition and stuck between the home and trash.

The pitbull with the puncture holes in her head is the most critical! All 8 dogs are being medically transported to the ER but their bills are already in the thousands! I drew a portrait of the white pitbull to help me raise funds for all 8 dogs! Please consider a Mississippi 8 Product and help me save these desperate dogs!

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