Mother dog cries for her dead puppies in Peru

Mother dog cries for her dead puppies in Peru

I have to warn you that this is a graphic and disturbing case but we cannot turn a blind eye to their pain. Street dogs are tortured and abused horribly in Peru. A young mother's puppies have died slowly and alone in the streets.

They were victims of a hit and run who then left the puppies to die. The hit from the car did kill them immediately, it took time for them to finally die. As I write this I am crying because I do not know how else to tell you what happened.

The mother dog was found next to their bodies and crying and depressed. A local rescuer found the mom and her remaining life puppies and rushed them to safety.

Right now we are supporting Near and Far Animal Rescue to help cover the costs to get them the care they need, to be vaccinated and for food. We are sponsoring their care with the Dogs In Heaven products that triggers donations for their care. Can you help us?!

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