Nala: Body 75% Burned After Fatal Accident

Nala: Body 75% Burned After Fatal Accident

Nala's body is 75% burns after a tragic and fatal accident killing her owner. A young woman named Samantha, a single mother to a 2-year old, was heading home with her dog Nala when the vehicle was involved in a head-on collision which instantly killed Samantha and left her beloved pitbull with burns covering 75% of her body. (Her daughter was not in the car during the accident).

Second Chance Rescue NYC rushed Nala to a world-renowned medical facility and is receiving emergency care. This is bad! The doctors say her survival rate is positive, but it will be a long road. She has a broken shoulder that will require surgery, intensive care treatment for 2nd and 3rd-degree burns, and twice-weekly aftercare for several months. Rescuers are trying to raise the $12,000 needed and I knew I had to help.

"I am heartbroken. I miss my daughter so much. Samantha was a single mom and worked full-time from home and had Aurora and Nala (doggie) home with her. She was an amazing woman—my life will never be the same. Aurora keeps asking me, 'where is mommy?' I keep telling her mommy is in heaven now. She is with God." - Rane (Samantha's mother)

We cannot bring Aurora's mommy back, but we really want to bring her best friend, Nala home. We have partnered with Second Chance Rescue NYC to raise the $12,000 needed to save Nala. Join TEAM NALA and we will deliver a life-saving donation. Together, we can come through for Nala and this family.

Recent Updates

Nala is still hospitalized at UPenn getting around the clock specialty care for her awful burns. She continues to have her regular bandage changes, and is receiving wonderful care. We will be sure to include you in her journey but we are still asking for your support! Her care is costing thousands and thousands of dollars per week!

She’s wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend. And she's very proud of her cool new bandages!

Thank you for every one of you who continues to support this tiny but mighty warrior princess.

Nala is defying all odds, and she continues to heal. It is simply a miracle. If all goes to plan, Nala will be able to be discharged on Friday, July 2nd. Here are Nala's current needs when she is discharged to an experienced medical foster capable of caring for her.

Nala will be on medication 3 times a day for her burn care. With her current regimen of Trazodone and Gabapentin, she's being kept pain free, comfortable and sleepy which is perfect for facilitating healing. Nala will need somewhere quiet so as not to overstimulate her. Her activity needs to be minimized so that her bandages stay on until they need to be changed.

As you can see, her body is completely wrapped in bandages to cover her wounds and help the burns heal. These bandages will be changed twice per week at Upenn. Please continue to help us support her ongoing burn care! We expanded our Team Nala campaign to help SCR NYC care for baby Nala and get her into a medical foster home.

Burn victims are at high risk for developing infection and Nala has contracted MRSA (a bacterial infection). Her doctors are working tirelessly to get the infection under control. When her body is ready, Nala will require surgery to repair her shoulder and to close the wounds on her back.

There is also a chance that her ear may need to be removed due to severe cartilage damage. PLEASE continue to help us support Nala’s care! This family deserves our support now more than ever.

Friends we are no where near our goal to help save Nala and help towards the goal of $12,000 for her burn treatments. This family has seen enough hardacke that we just want to help both Nala and the family heal for this tragedy. She is in bandages and doctros have already debrided her burns. Not only will she need to survive her burns but she will need to survive her broken hart. I am pleading with you, PLEASE help me save Nala! I cannot do this without you! I will keep you updated on both Nala and the family. TEAM NALA!!!

Nala is simply a miracle. It’s been a few weeks since the horrific car crash that left Nala in critical condition with 3rd degree burns and took the life of her owner.
Everyday she amazes everyone at UPENN with her strength and resilience, especially her doctor, Dr. Abraham. They spend everyday together. So much time that Dr. Abraham often plays with Nala and even made her a flower crown. And did we mention, Nala got a special visit from her Grandma, Samantha’s mother, Rane. Nala was so happy to see her family again. Nala’s spirit is one of the strongest rescuers ever encountered. Despite everything she is still the sweetest, kindest, happy go lucky pup you’ll ever meet.
The photo below is from Wednesday during bandage change, her doctor pointed out that all the pink area is new skin building. Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs knew from the beginning that her recovery would take months.

Nala has made such great strides that UPENN and SCR have made a joint decision to continue her care as an inpatient until there is absolutely no risk for infection. It could take many weeks before Nala can go home.

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