Nikolai was dumped on Christmas day to a cold shelter!

Dallas Dog RRR needs our help! On Christmas day rescuers received a text saying “HELP, this dog needs HELP”. They asked if he was a stray and they found out it was an owner surrender! THEY dumped her in this condition. Rescuers thought Not Again.

A neighbor called and reported this dog to animal control it was clear the owner was NEGLECTING him he needs immediate medical care. They basically got the owner to surrender as they would have had to wait on the courts to seize the dog! The system sucks, it is truly broken leaving rescuers stuck.

The temperature has been near freezing and wind chill has made it even colder where he was found in Texas. The officers made the choice to force the owner to surrender, what means they will not charge the owner with abuse.

UPDATE 12/31/20: I wanted to give y'all some good news and an update on Niki. This very brave dog was dumped on a shelter on Christmas Day. As you can see she is covered in infection so much that her little paws are swollen. Dallas Dog RRR say she is enjoying her gifts and resting peacefully knowing she is safe. She may not look it but her body has already started healing! We are excited to bring in the New Year knowing another dog gets a second chance! Please continue to share her story and support her care.

UPDATE 1/18/21: Nikolai has been released from the hospital he has a long way to go to heal. He is stoic he is calm natured and just trying to adjust. The foster picked him up from the ER and brought him to rescuer Patti after much petting and taking to him he leaned and he gave her a soft gentle kiss. It was almost a kiss of relief or a simple thank you. I will continue to post updates!

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Dallas Dog RRR named him Nikolai. It means victory for the people. When I saw these pictures I knew he could NOT spend Christmas in the cold rural shelter! Volunteers rushed to the shelter and transported him straight to their emergency vets on Christmas day!

Please help us raise the funds to cover Nikolai’s emergency veterinary bills! Rescuers cannot save him without support! Get yourself a Save Nikolai notebook or more and help sponsor his care!

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Dallas DogRRR is a group of dedicated, animal-loving volunteers who support the abandoned dogs of Dallas, Texas, by collecting supplies, paying vet bills, locating foster families, facilitating adoptions, and advocating for a more hopeful future. We are often seen even in the trenches of SE Dallas searching for and rescuing forgotten dogs.