Noah: Burned with Boiling Water

Noah: Burned with Boiling Water

Noah was burned with boiling water on the streets of Venezuela. Look at the damage to his body! This is unacceptable!

Noah, a sweet boy that was living among industrial buildings with other street dogs. While passing between the buildings, a local man, looking to scare away the strays, poured boiling water on top of Noah burning his back and body.

Noah has serious damage to his small frame. His fur is burned off his body. He is raw and in pain. Infection and myiasis is a real concern. This kind of open wound will need to be debrided often in order to heal, but it will also be susceptible to parasite infestation.

Noah will need antibiotics, pain medications, blood work to test for any tick borne diseases and dewormer, along with supplies to debride the wounds.

Sadly, rescuers on the ground in Venezuela have seen this type of abuse and cruelty put upon gentle street strays often. All the dog is guilty of is being hungry and searching for scraps of food to fill it’s starving belly. This is just another symptom of the epidemic of overpopulation!

Abuse, malnourishment, and disease are the punishments put upon the innocent victims of the lonely streets.

Thankfully, rescuers at Near and Far Animal Foundation have stepped up to care the medical needs of Noah. With every purchase you make today, we will donate to help save Noah and give him the second change he entirely deserves.

No animal, street or otherwise, deserves to be treated as if they are nuisances upon this earth.


This boy is a gentle, forgiving being that just wants to feel better and be treated with kindness and a soft hand. 

The vets are visiting Olga, the local rescuer on the ground in Venezuela, to give Noah treatments for his burned area and do preliminary labwork. 

It will be a long road to recovery for Noah, as the burns are severe. With any burn victims, there is always risk of secondary infections, something rescuers want to avoid. He will continue to undergo treatments and still needs your help. Near and Far Animal Foundation is committed to giving Noah the care he deserves. 

Saving Noah

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