Noel Will Have To Lose Her Leg Due To Traumatic Impact

Noel Will Have To Lose Her Leg Due To Traumatic Impact

You don't need to know Noel at all to know that she's lived through unimaginable pain. Her body was covered in road burn marks that went deep into her skin, but the worst was her appendage she will need to lose in order to survive.

She was brought into the shelter as an injured stray from the community after she was brutally hit by a car. She came in pretty rough shape, bloody, and broken but was still the sweetest puppy despite the pain she was in. Noel was aware of her surroundings when taken into the ER but in a lot of pain due to her bone and tendon exposure. This baby was degloved due to her dragging her limb after being hit!

She was immediately started on fluids, pain medication, and her leg was wrapped to protect the tissue. Unfortunately, Noel will require amputation if she recovers from the other trauma as her leg was so broken and hurt to the point of unrepair at this point. We cannot imagine the fear and pain and now the sudden shock that Noel has endured fighting to survive. She may be a tripod but she has her life. What matters now is that she is safe and rescuers will do anything in their power to get her strong and healthy again as she should be.

We have created this campaign to raise the funds needed to save Noel. With every purchase, we will donate directly to Second Chance Rescue to care for Noel.

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