Pegasus chewed off her own leg after being starved.

Pegasus chewed off her own leg after being starved.

The owner’s left town and a family member did not feed or provide water for two dogs. One of the pups died a horrific death from dehydration and emaciation. The other dog, out of desperation for food, ended up chewing off her leg! This is a horrific abuse case and one of the worst I have seen.

Dallas Dog RRR saw this case and immediately stepped in to support. They are getting second hand information from the shelter about the dog who chewed off her leg that is just as confusing as this case. But they are focused on saving her life and have named her baby Pegasus!

As you can imagine she is in critical condition and on route to Dallas for immediate emergency care where doctors are standing by! It is reported that she began to chew on another leg because it has chew marks as well!

PLEASE HELP! I am asking for your prayers and consider an item below that sponsors this baby’s care! Miracles can happen but it takes us all coming together!


She made it through the night which is a miracle. She is incredibly critical and remains in oxygen, her PVC is up to 21, her white count is still extremely high not to mention the limb she chewed off in desperation!. They will be doing blood work at 2 we will update once we see if it has improved! Please sponsor her care below! We need your help!

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