Peggy is a pig fighting for her life in Venezuela.

Peggy is a pig fighting for her life in Venezuela.

This is one of those once in a lifetime cases. Paws or hooves, does not matter to us when one’s heart is large enough for them all. I hope we have your support in saving Peggy.

Near and Far Animal Foundation rescue volunteer in Venezuela face devastating situations every day such as the conditions this poor pig has been forced to live in for months. Rescuers have named her Peggy and she is malnourished, and suspected to have mange. A video was released showing Peggy convulsing and struggling to stand.

The Venezuelan volunteer rushed to help this critical condition pig but financial resources are severely low for Near and Far Animal Foundation so we immediately stepped in to help. Can you agree to help NAFAF help Peggy?

UPDATE: We now know Peggy is only 1-1.5 years old but is the size of a 6 month old piglect because she has been so horrible starved. This came as a complete shock. Her body is covered in scabies and ticks. She will need to learn to trust us humans again but she is well on her way. She will need many more days of around the clock care. Her despair and solitude ends now! Please continue to help me raise funds for her care!

We are raising funds to cover Peggy's emergency care, blood tests, medications, shampoos and topical meds, vaccines and everything in between! We created the Save Peggy Campaign to help us raise those funds. She may not be your dog or cat but we believe Peggy is worth saving and I hope you agree!

Recent Updates

One very special Miss Peggy has been smothered with TLC and look at the difference in just one week's time! What a lovable little girl!

Near and Far Animal Foundation is just grateful that they could help Peggy find kindness and compassion. She was hungry, but now she is fed. She was alone, but now she has a village helping her. She was scared, but now she is safe. Near and Far Animal Foundation still needs your support to help save Miss Peggy. 

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