Pili Was Used and Abused By A Puppy Mill!

Pili Was Used and Abused By A Puppy Mill!

She is blind and dying! HELP! She was used in a puppy mill and is now completely blind and with cancer TVT. Those cowards used her for profit and doctors say this is why she now has cancer. Once she became too sick to have babies and became blind they abandoned her.

A good samaritan said, “I think that if not the rescued would already be dead.” She is now named Pili and would not have survived the night if she was not rescued. Near and Far Animal Foundation immediately stepped in to try and save her life.

After arriving at the ER she was in very critical condition. Emergency staff have come up with a plan to give Pili life saving Chemotherapy. They cannot give a transfusion where she is located so that will have to be done elsewhere.

Right now we are sponsoring Pili’s care for Near and Far Animal Rescue with the “One Abused Animal is Too Many.” products that trigger donations for Pili’s care. Can you help us?!


With immense heartache we have been told that Pili took her last breath today. We are heartbroken and defeated to say the least. Pili captured our hearts and tugged at our souls. We wanted her to conquer the cruelty and loneliness that she endured.May be an image of dog and text that says 'Rest gently Sweet Pili You are loved'

What if we were just a day earlier… imagine what might have happened. Could we have saved her? Now we will never know.

After years and years of being used by a puppy mill Pili’s body became ravaged by cancer and became blind! She may have been blind but she was surrounded by the loving rescuers at Near and Far Animal Foundation. She couldn’t see but she could feel the love from all over the world from everyone who purchased her “One Animal Abused” products.

Pili, we know the angels carried you on their wings over the rainbow bridge and you can now see the beauty of heaven. We are all devastated and defeated. Near and Far did everything they could.

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