Pippin: Tethered by Chains, Chewed Off Her Own Leg

Pippin: Tethered by Chains, Chewed Off Her Own Leg

Pippin was surrendered to Fulton County shelter in Georgia by her owners.

Her owners claimed she was attacked by a neighborhood stray that chewed off her leg. However, it is clear to the medical team that based on the distinctions of the flesh, she most likely gnawed off her leg in an attempt to free herself from a tether of some sort.

Upon further examination, she is suffering from acute anemia from the colony of fleas consuming her body. Her body is emaciated, and her fur matted. It’s clear to everyone that she has been living in hell.

Her entire left back foot is gone leaving a softball-sized, bloody red mass of tissue.

Second Chance Rescue has partnered with Fulton County on this case and are taking Pippin into their custody.

Additionally, Fulton County is actively pursuing cruelty charges against her former owners.

Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue are rushing Pippin to a critical care hospital for life-saving treatment. They will do everything they can to ensure she gets the second chance at recovery and living a life that she deserves.

The costs associated with Pippin’s care will be high.

Hendrick & Co. has created this campaign to raise the funds Second Chance Rescue needs to save Pippin. With each and every purchase, we will donate to help save Pippin.

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