Polo was found with a bone sticking out of his body!!!

Polo was found with a bone sticking out of his body!!!

This is one of those cases that I cannot forget. We know very little about who or what did this in Peru. Polo was found with a double fractured so bad that his bone was sticking out of his body! YES, sticking out. It was a horrific scene. There is coiling and infection that, if left untreated, he will not survive. Near and Far Animal Foundation immediately stepped in.

They were not prepared with what the saw next! They consulted with their trusted surgery who gave grim news. Polo with need reconstruction surgery, screws and pin placed in to out him back together again!

This will cost NAFAF well into the thousands and with Thanksgiving around the corner I know I could count on your guys to help in our own way.

We are doing an $8 mystery tee sale to fund Polos surgery! You pick the size and I send the surprise tee!!! This is a fun way we can all come together and help save tiny Polo in Peru!!

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