Praline was left by her family near death and fighting for her life.

Praline was left by her family near death and fighting for her life.

URGENT EMERGENCY RESCUE! This very sick 5 week old 2 pound puppy Praline was an owner surrendered to a shelter in Georgia. She was surrendered due to vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea, she has tested positive for the deadly parvovirus. This is an extremely deadly condition that if it wasn't for rescue she would die.

Second Chance Rescue NYC stepped up to tag her and she is being transported to their partner hospital now! On the way the volunteer said this baby is fading and in order to survive, she needs to be treated with aggressive supportive care. Saving sick shelter animals is very expensive, every dollar goes a long way. Can you help us save Praline?

I drew a portrait of sweet Praline to help us sponsor her care. Every Save Praline product triggers a life saving donation to care for this incredibly brave puppy fighting for her life!

Recent Updates

This small nugget, as miniature and mighty as she be, is slaying the parvovirus! Praline is not even 6 weeks old and weighs as much as a bottle of Ragu. Yet, this puppy has an astonishing fighting spirit and will to beat all odds. Parvovirus is one of the most dangerous viruses any dog can get, let alone a 6-week-old puppy, with a mortality rate of 91% if left untreated. While this is a happy update, little Praline still has a long ways to go in her fight against parvovirus. She will remain hospitalized under the care of Dr. Terry until the end of the month when it will be safe for her to travel to New York City for additional vaccines and treatment.

Guess who tested parvo negative and now has the "Golden Ticket"?!?!?!

SCR's beloved, almost 6 week old Praline won her battle with parvo and is closing this hard fought chapter of her small life. This precious puppy is getting doted on and already has a new wardrobe to prepare her for medical foster with one of Dr. Terry's medical staff members. I wonder if they'll give little Praline back to Second Chance Rescue? Stay tuned!!!

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Second Chance Rescue NYC was founded on the firm belief that all animals deserve love and care, and that no animal should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect or homelessness. We are 100% not for profit, and to date, have relied solely on donations from the public. Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate—those with critical medical, emotional or behavioral issues.