Raul was found wiggling his way through the streets.

Raul was found wiggling his way through the streets.

He was found trying to wiggle around because his legs no longer work. He was literally trying to wiggle himself through the streets of Santo Domingo. Please help me sponsor her care!

He was found writhing around unable to stand with hundreds of people walking and driving by without helping. A woman was walking by last night and moved him out of the street. A few hours later the same woman saw Raul in the spot where she moved him to and knew this time she had to take him to safety.

Because this kind woman does not have the funds for the veterinary care to save Raul, earlier today, Near and Far Animal Foundation immediately stepped in. He was rushed to their trusted ER Vet in Santo Domingo. Doctors have no idea what is happening to Raul but have run all the tests and X-rays needed to diagnose him.

NAFAF is asking for your help! Can you join us in helping Raul survive? Please consider purchasing an item below and become his voice! Together we can do this!

Recent Updates

Unfortunately the X-rays show Raul sustained massive injuries to his small body. We will never know who or what did this to him. But whatever the case, he was still left in the street unable to move. Rescuers are awaiting more results and an additional consultation from an orthopedic specialist in the capital of the Dominican Republic. Rescuers are sparing no expense because every life is worth saving! This tiny boy deserves a chance and we are still asking for your support!

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