Rookie: Puppy Battling Pneumonia

Rookie: Puppy Battling Pneumonia

Saving animals are never a waste of time. Rookie was failed by his owners, he is just a 9 month old puppy. He knows no life outside being tethered. The city held this family to the law of NO tethering and they even offered solutions. But, it was a no go and after so many citations they surrender him to the shelter.

Rookie was at the shelter for two weeks. He quickly became a favorite, was neutered and 3 days later, was not able to breathe. He was in double pneumonia, which occurred quickly. The shelter rushed him to the ER where the estimate was going to be to high. The shelter called Dallas DogRRR for help, else the shelter would have to euthanize. Dallas DogRRR did not think twice and immediately came to Rookie's aid.

Rookie is fighting and improving, but his bill is rising with him not being able to be removed from oxygen. Dallas DogRRR sadly have not raised the needed funds yet.

Dallas DogRRR noted: "One person messaged the page and said why am I wasting so much on this dog when there is so many to save. I paused before responding and said if you follow our rescue that is 'WHAT WE DO', I do understand how some feel that way heck sometimes it even crosses my mind to think gosh I could of done this with that 10,000 dollars but then I would not have so many amazing dogs."

Sadly, this bill keeps climbing and he is slowly being weaned out of oxygen and hoping to move to foster.

Currently his bill is close to $9,500 and rescuers have raised nearly $2,000 Dallas DogRRR sadly cannot keep taking cases that they cannot raise the funds.

Let's show everyone that Rookie's life is worth saving and not a waste of time and resources. With each and every purchase made, we will donate directly to Dallas DogRRR to help save Rookie.


Rookie lived his life on a tether and now he is free because an animal control officer cared enough to fight for him. They issued citations his previous "family" who broke the law time and time again.  He is only only 9 months old and despite what some had said, he is worth fighting for. 

Dallas DogRRR fought for Rookie and did whatever they could to save him even when the doctors said they would likely lose him. DogRRR Nation helped tremendously, but, they are still about $4,000 shy of what is needed to pay off the vet bill. 

Rookie will never have to live on a chain again. 

Every Purchase Helps Save Rookie

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Dallas DogRRR is a group of dedicated, animal-loving volunteers who support the abandoned dogs of Dallas, Texas, by collecting supplies, paying vet bills, locating foster families, facilitating adoptions, and advocating for a more hopeful future. We are often seen even in the trenches of SE Dallas searching for and rescuing forgotten dogs.