Roscoe: Dumped at the Shelter in Critical Condition

Roscoe: Dumped at the Shelter in Critical Condition

Second Chance Rescue received an urgent plea for help from a shelter in rural South Carolina. A family came in, surrendered their dog and failed to tell the shelter why. The shelter knew something was wrong the second they took him to the back.

Roscoe is lethargic, very skinny, coughing, and he is profusely vomiting in his kennel. Every time they have a chance to clean the kennel - this poor sickly boy starts vomiting again.

From a medical stand point, he is totally unstable and it is almost impossible for rescuers to know how long he has been in this condition prior to being surrendered.

The shelter has limited resources and the most they have been able to do is start an IV line. Rescuers named this poor boy Roscoe and he needs out of the shelter ASAP. Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue are rushing him to an emergency hospital and will update as soon as they can.

Second Chance Rescue could really use help covering the medical costs to save Roscoe’s life. With every purchase, we will send a life-saving donation to help save Roscoe. His owner's may have dumped him, but we will never.

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