Salem was target because she is a black cat!

Salem was target because she is a black cat!

Black cats are being targeted days before Halloween! We just received an urgent plea for help for a tiny abused black kitten! She is actively dying and needs critical life-saving care.  A severely injured cat needs out of the shelter now.

We hate to say it, but it is not unusual for black cats to be targeted during the Halloween season.  It’s horrific, inhumane, and disgusting. Now rescuers are scrambling to save her life!

She was brought into the shelter by a good Samaritan who found her lifeless. The shelter vet is unsure whether she has brain trauma or was poisoned but is confident due to her neurological signs that it is one of the two. The shelter does not have the resources to save her life so Second Chance Rescue NYC stepped in.

They have named this little girl Salem, and we are praying hard that she makes it. There is no time to spare. She is hanging on by a thread. They are rushing Salem to a critical care hospital as we speak.

Critical care hospitals are very expensive and SCRNYC has no idea what they are up against. Please help us save her life, pray for her recovery and sponsor her care! We are desperately trying to sponsor Salem’s emergency care! PLEASE HELP!

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