Selena was waiting to die in the streets of Venezuela.

Selena was waiting to die in the streets of Venezuela.

Selena was barely alive and desperate on the streets of Venezuela. She is skin and bones, horrible infected mange and infested with fleas and ticks.

Selena was defeated, alone and laying in the streets waiting to die until today. Near and Far Animal Foundation learned about Selena and knew without help she would not survive the night. Their Venezuelan volunteer named Olga was able to find the injured pitbull and transported her straight to the local ER vets!

God only knows what was done to her on the streets but her body tells a horrible story of neglect and abuse. Now we are working to sponsor her care! Please help NAFAF give Selena the medical treatment she needs to overcome the heartache she has endured.

Considering that October is Pitbull Awareness Month, rescuers will not give up on Selena and give her the second chance she needs! BUT we need your help! Get the Pitbull Awareness products and sponsor her care.

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