Seuz's face is complexity destroyed by a cancerous tumor.

Seuz's face is complexity destroyed by a cancerous tumor.

This poor boy needs chemotherapy immediately! This gentle dog, Seuz, is owned by an old man in Peru. His owner has no money but brought his dog to many clinics to help him but because he was poor none of the vets would help. The owner tried to wash him or clean the wound but he did not know it was a cancerous tumor!

I cannot believe none of the clinics would help him! This type of cancer is too common among street dogs. Without help, his dog would die a slow death.

Near and Far Animal Foundation heard of the story and knew their team needed to help him. The man is homeless and desperately wants to help his best friend! We are trying to sponsor his Chemotherapy treatments to save the dog’s life!

We hope you will join us as we support Seuz on his journey to health and wellness and finally free him of the enormous tumors taking over his face! With every purchase, we will donate directly to the Near and Far Animal Foundation to help save Seuz.

Recent Updates

This is not the type of update I like to share. NAFAF has had huge success in healing animals with aggressive cancerous tumors like Seuz but the vincristine chemotherapy has not made progress. The vet will change to a different type of chemotherapy but this will take even more funds. We replenished his food supply but are looking for your support again. I hate to ask but this is the reality the Near and Far Animal Foundation is in.


I want to be honest with you that I am in a hard situation right now. I just found out that I was not able to raise enough to help cover Seuz’s chemotherapy treatment, not even close.

Seuz's owner is a homeless man in Peru. He is desperately trying to help his dog but no doctor would help. Near and Far Animal Foundation stepped in and he was stabilized at the doctors! I know his photographs are hard to see and his story is hard to read, but this is the reality we are facing.

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