Shipp: Put Bull Used as Bait for Dog Fighting

Shipp: Put Bull Used as Bait for Dog Fighting

Lisa, who runs Mississippi team for Second Chance Rescue, was on her way to the vet with puppies for vaccines. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something moving in the woods. She immediately pulled over and grabbed dry dog food from the back of her truck. She placed the food on the ground and nervously, two emaciated and wounded dogs came out of the brush and began to inhale the food.

Upon further examination, the brown and white pity, a male dog, was torn up. It was immediately obvious from his wounds that he was used as a bait dog. He was so emaciated that his bones protruded from his backside. His ears are torn up with both fresh and old wounds which are indicative of a dog that was used for fighting.

Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue immediately loaded the 2 dogs, including the bait dog now named Shipp and went directly to the nearest hospital. Although Second Chance Rescue is full with large dogs and have so many medical cases at the moment, they simply can not turn our backs on these two dogs. Rescuers are heartbroken at their condition. It is unfathomable, the level of cruelty, neglect and abuse that exists in Mississippi.

Second Chance Rescue will do the best that they can to pick up the pieces and ensure Shipp will never hurt again. We have created this campaign to raise the funds needed to cover the medical care for Shipp. With every purchase made, we will donate a life-saving donation to Second Chance Rescue to care for Shipp.

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