Siggi: Born with a Congenital Defect

Siggi: Born with a Congenital Defect

Siggi came into the world with a rare condition - congenital luxation and dislocation of the bilateral elbows. It's a mouthful, complicated, and took time to accurately diagnose, but as her laymen humans lovingly say and all can clearly see, it's simple: her arms are on backwards.

What Siggi lacks in mobility, she makes up in heart. She is a trooper who doesn't know anything is wrong with her. She romps around with her siblings and tries to do everything they do, army-crawl style. Although this is great to see, it is taking a toll on her elbows, shoulders, and spine that isn't sustainable long-term.

As local options dwindled, one of Siggi's fosters ran across an article about another pup whose similar condition was surgically corrected by Dr. Clary at OSU in 2019. Against the odds that this surgeon was still there and willing to take on this extreme case, Dallas DogRRR reached out to Dr. Clary, who agreed to do the same for our sweet Siggi... immediately! While it took a while to get to this point, the ball is quickly rolling now, and her surgery is only 2 short weeks away!

Please help us raise the funds needed to save her arms. With them, she can't wait to embrace her human advocates to say "thank you."

Her legs are completely reversed. She has to have a double surgery where they will have to dislocate and twist and put back on. Please help us raise the funds needed to save her arms. With them, she can't wait to embrace her human advocates to say "thank you." Hendrick & Co. has created this campaign to raise the funds needed to fund the needed surgery to repair her arms. With every purchase, we will donate directly to the care of Siggi and Dallas DogRRR.


Siggi is still hospitalized but healing nicely.  

Siggi’s splint change procedure went well. attached is picture of the left forelimb taken just before applying the new splint paw facing the right way. 

Rescuers monitored toe swelling (always a possibility with any splint change)! Everyone remains hopeful and things seem to be moving in the right direction!!! 

Baby Siggi is doing great and her personality is bigger than her tiny body. Rescuers think that if she were in school, she would be the class clown!

The latest pictures of Siggi will warm your heart!!!


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