5 dogs covered in burns after their "kennels" we engulfed with flames!

5 dogs covered in burns after their "kennels" we engulfed with flames!


Dallas Dog RRR is having a MAJOR EMERGENCY. A home in south Texas with quite a few dogs in outside kennels caught fire with the DOGS INSIDE! There are over 20 dogs on the premises. Rescuers removed the 5 most severe cases to get them immediate medical care! They are working with a village of people to care for the remaining 15 dogs as well.

Please know this was a freak accident and the couple who had these dogs got them off the streets. In the south it is easy to become overwhelmed when saving the strays on the streets. We must focus on the 5 dogs who have 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over their bodies. Rescuers best guess is that with the temperatures near freezing maybe it was electrical but an investigation will happen after the 5 dogs are saved. We created the Texas 5 campaign to help support rescuers.


Diesel just died. We are in tears. He deserved better. He deserved more than this. I am heartbroken... Teddy is having a harder time but stable, Savannah is slightly anemic but stable. The other two are stable.
Savannah is fighting hard to breath. Sweet Savannah is weak but fighting her they rushed her into the ER and have her on oxygen! The doctors and specialist have a HUGE task ahead of them with saving the 4 pups who survived. Savannah, although looks awful, is such a strong girl and rescues and doctors will stop at nothing to save her along with her brothers. Their hospitalization has already costs rescuers over 10,000 with that bill climbing. Please help us support Dallas Dog RRR and these babies in need!
Not only did DDRRR take in the Texas 5 They were able to get 14 off the same property, will continue to work with the owner to get the rest of the dogs off the property. Teddy, Jack Jack, Savannah and Shadow are in ICU getting wound treatment and around the clock care! They are still in bad shape you guys. 7 of the other animals confiscated are going to fosters We still do not have an exact number but we know there is 3 more very scared untouchable on the property that need moved.
Savannah’s eyes are swollen shut from the trauma and she has severe secondary conjunctivitis meaning she is blind for the time being. She has required multiple plasma transfusions due to her low protein levels and edematous skin.Shadow & Jack Jack also have extensive diffuse dermal burns with skin sloughing. Their skin is so infected and just oozing pus. Both of them have also required plasma transfusions due to their low protein levels and edematous skin. Jack Jack’s eyes are also swollen shut from the trauma with severe secondary conjunctivitis.All 4 dogs will be in the hospital for weeks – needing daily wound debridement and bandages changes. Everyone has been started on multiple antibiotics, IV fluids, and continuous drips of pain medications. This is costing Dallas Dog RRR well over $10,000 and climbing! Many of you have already help our Texas 5 and I can’t thank you enough. We are still continuing our campaign to support DDRRR.
The two boys Jack & Shadow are both doing amazing! Their vitals are normal finally and staff says they are eating on their own and hanging their burn treatments well! Staff say that all 4 dogs are being super sweet with No signs of aggression. That seem receptive that we are there to help them. Savannah has been struggling the most as she has the most injuries she goes up and down with her vitals and the doctors say this is normal with burn cases. Her vitals have returned to normal limits and she appears to be tolerating room air just fine. She is handling her wound care well. However, she can not support herself on all 4 legs. She has energy and wants to walk, but she can’t get herself up.
Another amazing updates on Shadow, Teddy and Jack. The strongest of the 3, Teddy, is doing incredible (photo #1). It's unbelievable. Teddy is doing well still receiving his bandage changes he is back at the ER! He is almost ready to move to a foster! Can you believe it?! He needs a place to lay his head! Yesterday the wonderful technician Kelsie took him out to enjoy the snow and he loved it!Jack Jack’s improvement is slower but still moving forward! He too is looking great but you can see his skin still has a long way to come. His technician says that Jack Jack is so patient during his bandage changes. One recent bandage change even took 2.5 hours and Jack stood strong. She said that he is such a good boy while they treat him! And Shadow is taking a much needed nap after a bandage change. All 3 are so strong and it's an honor watching them recover.We are continuing our campaign to cover the ongoing costs for these burned babies. I just put up this new keychain below to help Shadow, Teddy and Jack Jack's ongoing burn care!

Shadow, unfortunately, passed away suddenly. He had a blood clot and arrested. It was incredibly sad for rescuers because he was just getting released from the hospital.

Teddy is doing well and his wounds are about 80 percent healed

Jack Jack still has a ways to go but is looking so much better!! He is about 70 percent healed.

Both Teddy and Jack Jack are living in foster homes. 


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