The Mississippi Strays: Dumped and Left to Die by the Side of the Road

The Mississippi Strays: Dumped and Left to Die by the Side of the Road

Second Chance Rescue we received word of a photo that simply said, "three stray puppies free to a good home". Yes, you read correctly. The photo depicted three sickly and emaciated puppies saying they were free to a good home. We almost can’t believe our eyes.

Emaciated, sick puppies, dumped on the side of a road. As Second Chance Rescue notes, "It’s official the devil never takes a break!!!"

The plea for help came in and Second Chance Rescue's Mississippi volunteer immediately rushed to the location. The 3 puppies that were located were SKIN AND BONES and in deplorable condition. Fleas and ticks were crawling all over their little bodies. Rescuers were told that there are a total of 7 puppies.

One of our volunteers is rushed the 3 emaciated ones to the vet.

The day after, rescuers returned to find the remaining puppies. They located 2 additional emaciated puppies. Rescuers are still trying to locate the remaining 2.

The puppies that were rushed to the hospital were loaded with every single possible parasite. They were given fluids, as they were all dehydrated. Thankfully, they were not too anemic, to the point of needing blood-transfusions, but the doctor said, another 24 hours, that would have been a very different situation, for these poor babies. They were crawling with tons of fleas.

How anyone could have dumped these puppies is just beyond thought. But, to post about the puppies and say "three stray puppies free to a good home" is beyond baffling.

Rescuers constantly find themselves in these types of situations in Mississippi. It’s sickening how dogs are constantly dumped on desolate roads and left to die. Something has to change, but for now, Second Chance Rescue and the 5 puppies need your help. Become a hero for these stray dogs. With every purchase, we will send a life-saving donation directly to Second Chance Rescue to help save the 5 puppies.

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