Waylon stomach is full of rocks and sticks!

Waylon stomach is full of rocks and sticks!

Ok friends we have a dumped Starving Puppy Belly Full of ROCKS. Waylon has had nothing to eat except sticks and rocks. He was found on the side of the road barely able to walk. He will need extensive medical care including X-rays. He will also need to be watched closely to make sure all of the sticks and rocks come out of him and do not cause an obstruction. This will take around the clock emergency care and this comes at a huge cost for rescuers!

Remember that happy day you brought home your new puppy? Now please explain to me how someone would take that same puppy and leave them behind? Dump them on the street to fend for themselves? Not give a damn if they lived or died! This is Waylon’s story and a story I am getting very tired of here in Texas. 

The amount of animal neglect and abuse seen on a daily basis in Texas is getting worse and worse. We have to demand authorities take action by investigating and pressing charges. Texas NEEDS stronger and better animal welfare laws!

We have created the Save Waylon collection to help us raise the funds needed to support Waylon and his care! Please consider one for yourself or a friend and be the voice for Waylon.

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