Well Puppies: Five Puppies Fell into a 75-Foot Well

Well Puppies: Five Puppies Fell into a 75-Foot Well

Five puppies fell down a 75-foot dry well in Washington Parish, Louisiana.

Rescuers consulted with plumbers and engineers as to the best way to safely rescue the puppies. But, none gave rescuers any sure-fire solution. Rescuers lowered down buckets with food to lure the puppies into the buckets to be safely pulled up. Two of the puppies were more easily rescued. They were immediately fed puppy food moistened with puppy formula.

The remaining three were much more challenging.

But, rescuers never gave up.

Rescuers at the Humane Society of Louisiana, along with members of the Washington Parish Sheriff's and Fire Departments, spent three days, through the summer heat and rain, to finally corral and hoist the remaining terrier puppies out of a 75-foot water well and into the arms of rescuers.

All of the rescuers never gave up on these puppies. Now, we are asking you to support the puppy's post-rescue care. With every purchase you make, we will send a life-saving donation to the Humane Society of Louisiana to care for the five puppies.
Saving the Well Puppies

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