Top 10 Animal Transformations of 2020

Top 10 Animal Transformations of 2020


Layla was the dog horribly burned in a house fire. First responders were able to rescue her from the blaze but it left her with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Look at her now! After months of rehab she is now living her best life with her new mommy, dad and sister!



The puppy found in a puddle of oil has transformed into a beautiful girl! Doctors spend weeks safely removing the tar from her skin and she was one of the bravest puppies we have worked with! I can't believe my eyes! She is enjoying her life with her forever mommy now!



Ducky, the stray found with a deformed face and jaw, is now a happy and healthy boy and defied the odds! His foster mom says he is such a lover and gets into any food he can. He may look “different” but we think that's what makes him so special and we are so proud to see him flourish.


Theo is the puppy found at a shelter with a cleft palate. His surgery was August and is not completely healed! His foster mom reports that tiny Theo is doing fantastic and loves wrestling with his foster sister. He has really flourished and is a completely different puppy now!


What a long way tiny Chepi has come. What a difference 3 months makes. He was found homeless with both eyes completely infected. Look at him now! One of his eyes was removed but his other is completely healed. Chepi is finally ready for her forever home!


Take a look at our baby Jansi now! I have happy tears because this was a puppy I thought for sure could not make it but look how strong she is. Her eye is healing beautifully as well as her ears. I am so proud of you Jansi and everyone who stepped up to sponsor her care! He has been adopted and living a new life!


Tommy was the puppy who wouldn’t look you in the eye. He had lost all trust in humans. It took time for rescuers to help him heal physically and emotionally but they did it! His photos say it all. We love you buddy!


Tyle is the puppy found in an empty lot with her sister both were covered in infections and with most of their fur missing. Taking one look at her and you cannot help but fall in love! What a transformation! Both sisters are adopted and loving their new life.


Tug, the tripod puppy, is completely recovered and oh-so-cute! He was found with one of his legs shredded and doctors removed the leg to save his life. Now, he is running around and playing with all of his foster siblings. Nothing can slow him down!

9.Gummy Bear

There are two incredible things that happened in Gummer Bear’s transformation. Not only is Gummy Bear completely covered and in a new home, his abusers were actually arrested. This is very rare in the rescue community. Gummy Bear looks like a new puppy now.