Eclipse was found sinking in a puddle of tar and covered in wounds.

Eclipse was found sinking in a puddle of tar and covered in wounds.

EMERGENCY! This tiny puppy fell into a puddle of oil and rescuers do not know how or why. We do not know if someone did this to her or not. All we know is she needs help! Rescuers at Dallas Dog RRR rushed the puppy to their emergency vets where she was admitted.

First they needed to stabilize her and start the process of removing the oil from her body which is a huge task. She is stable but the doctor reported that she is even pooping oil. I know this is graphic but we have to focus on her!

She is on 24 hour care. They are running blood work and many more tests to see what exactly happened to Eclipse. Yes she has a name for the first time in her life, sweet Eclipse.

The team at DDRRR and doctors are doing everything they can to save her. Her vet bills are almost $1,500 and rising. We are here to help in our own way

UPDATE 9/8/20: Eclipse made it through the night. She is still defecating what looks to be either the motor oil or tar. They will be checking her bloodwork for signs of liver & kidney failure which can take up to 3 days to show signs of damage. They did increase the antibiotics and pain medication.

UPDATE 9/10/20: The process of removing the tar from her body has proved to be much more difficult than doctors expected. Rescuers are working with a specialist because tar is much more difficult to remove than oil. Usually in an oil spill a product like Dawn can be used to gently wash away the oil off an animal. But, with tar, a product like that will only bind the tar harder so the doctors switched to mineral oil to gently and safely removed the tar. This takes time to assure Eclipse is not hurt further during the process. Assuring her skin stays healthy throughout. She has a team of people fighting for her! Dallas Dog RRR and their doctors are all working around the clock for Eclipse. Please help!

The good news is she is eating and Eclipse is a fighter! Will you fight for her? I sketched a drawing of Eclipse as a way to sponsor her care! Please take a look and purchase a Save Eclipse product and share her story for everyone to see!

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