Sarge was crushed by a car and then dumped to die on the street. His belly is full of trash!

Sarge was crushed by a car and then dumped to die on the street. His belly is full of trash!

I am so angry right now. This happened in Texas in an area known for abuse. Someone hit him with their car and then dumped him there to die. On the side of the road. Unable to move. His body tells a story of weeks of abuse and neglect. Just see it in his sad eyes.

Dallas Dog RRR stepped in the save this boys life and they are calling him Sarge. Sarge cannot walk. His leg is mangled, he is so emaciated you can see every bone and his body is covered in mange. One of the worse cases I have seen actually.

DDRRR had Sarge medically transported to the Emergency Vet. Upon intake he was vomiting and had X-rays to see what was happening. To no surprise his belly is full of tons of trash and he is backed up due to him not being at to stand or posture to defecate.

He is being treated for the blockage and was also given an emergency blood transfusion to save his life. He is a fighter and made it through the night under 24 hour care. He is around 6 months of age and weighs 24 lbs. Sarge is just a baby!

UPDATE 8/24/20: I first shared Sarge with you on Friday. He is the pup who was crushed under a car then dumped into a ditch on the side of the road in Texas. His body tells a story of abuse people. He was horribly neglected before being ran over and dumped. As you know we were working with Dallas Dog RRR to help sponsor his surgery. They found that his bones had been shattered into too many fragments that the surgeon made the decision to remove his leg. My heart breaks thinking what could have happened to him and thankful he is now at the Emergency Vets.

Let's talk about whats going on inside this little guy. Since he was surviving on trash next to him his intestines had a blockage. I know these types of things are hard to see but just stay focused knowing this is all changing now! Sarge is still at the ER and receiving around the clock care. Please continue to sponsor his care if possible and more importantly share his story! THIS ABUSE NEEDS TO END!

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