Gino was begging anyone in the streets but not one person stopped!

Gino was begging anyone in the streets but not one person stopped!

People were just driving by without stopping! Not one person stopped. He was desperately begging anyone for food and was pushed away. In Puerto Rico street dogs are treated horribly and looked at like garbage.

A volunteer came upon this pathetic boy wandering the streets of Puerto Rico. She couldn't bare the thought of leaving the dog to suffer alone. She gave him a name for the first time in his life, Gino.

He has been accepted into NYBC's program and immediately had him transferred to a trusted veterinary hospital in Puerto Rico. There are so many things they learned. Gino is positive for erhlichia and he is anemic. He is positive for heart-worm and he is anemic. Gino is filled with parasites and is not doing well.

He is having further diagnostics to make sure there isn't another underlying reason why he is so underweight. Please consider helping this lonely and kind street dog. He will need to be hospitalized and immediate disease treatment.

This super sweet boy deserves a chance to enjoy life. NYBC will do everything in the power to save this tiny Gino who is an innocent victim. We are here to help in our own way.

We are sponsoring Gino’s care with one of our animal saving products. If you can consider one for yourself or a friend and help this baby make it through what was done to him.

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