Raney & Jagger: Puppies savagely tortured and abused

Raney & Jagger: Puppies savagely tortured and abused

Raney (grey female) and Jagger (black male) have been both brutally abused and severely neglected at the hands of their so-called owner. And, they are only 8 months old.

Their previous owner docked their tails and cropped their ears himself. This home mutilation of the ears and tails, as you can well imagine, was horrendously painful for Raney and Jagger. The thought of their "owner" taking out a kitchen knife and butchering their bodies is sickening.

The living accomodations where the Raney and Jagger lived were filthy and they shared a space that was too small for even one of the puppies.

Thanks to J & Co. Rescue, Raney and Jagger will no longer have to suffer.

Despite the torture they have had to endure, the pair are adapting well to their new foster family and are enjoying the love, attention and care they are getting.

They both have a long road ahead of them to heal from the abuse and the mental turmoil they have come to know as "normal". They need your help today. With every purchase, Hendrick & Co. will donate $10 to help give Raney and Jagger a new life filled only with love.

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