Rodeo: Found fighting for his life on the streets.

Rodeo: Found fighting for his life on the streets.

RODEO was NM DOG's first stop of the day. Volunteers saw him trotting into a yard and noticed a horrific wound on his neck. As they were greeted by the people that lived there, they denied that he was their dog.They got permission to go on the property and contain him. That was going to be more difficult than rescuers guessed.

This little brown dog was not social at all but he was food motivated! The TEAM stood on the sidelines and gave the founder some room so that she could try to lure him into the leash. What ensued in his capture was nothing short of a "rodeo" and that is how he got his name.

Angela had no choice but to leash him so they could get him some help but when the leash cinched on his neck, poor RODEO panicked.

Screaming from the trauma, RODEO was in complete pain -- bucking, fighting & biting, doing anything to get away. It was scary for both rescuers and RODEO but because of their efforts they were able to rescue this terrified dog. Finally he calmed down enough and rescuers were able to wrap him in a towel and carry him to the van. They promised him that the worst was now over!

Upon intake it was clear that he had been suffering for a long time from a severe wound covering the whole left side of his neck. His bloodwork tested clear so vet staff got to work right away and prepped him for surgery. RODEOS neck was debrided, sutured and a drain was placed in. He was also neutere.

As the days passed, he started to relax and eventually decided to trust staff. NMDOG now needs your help. We have created this campaign to raise the funds that were needed for RODEO's care! Please consider purchasing an item below!

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