Save Serenity

Save Serenity


First, know she is now safe and at the emergency vets where they are working around the clock to safe her life. Yes, she can be saved but this is not going to be easy. As hard as it is to see these images just trying and put yourself in her shoes. I am just trying to help.

Serenity was found abandoned on the streets of southern Texas. She was clearly abused and horribly neglected before being thrown out like trash. What you see is a large tumor taking over her entire head and covering one of her eyes. She is still able to see thank god. Animal control found her and took her back to a city shelter were she sat for 5 days... yes 5 days before rescuers were alerted to her condition.

Dallas Dog RRR specializes in saving animals like Serenity and we are here to help.

UPDATE 8/9/20 I just got an update from Serenity's rescuers at DDRRR. Sadly they are not getting the news they had hoped for. Her tumor is invasive, inside her skull and mouth.  Serenity presented to ADC Critical Care for further evaluation of mass encompassing the entire face. They performed aspirates of the mass and have submitted slides to ZN labs for evaluation. In house cytology is consistent with a malignancy with severe secondary necrosis and inflammation. There was no evidence of transmissible venereal tumor on aspirates, which would be the most treatable of tumors in this location. In the absence of TVT, treatment options are limited.

Surgery is not an option due to the extensive local spread. Palliative radiation therapy could be considered to decrease inflammation, but may only extend her life. Her rescuers at Dallas Dog RRR is still discussing options best for Serenity. The good news is she is in no pain, she is showering her rescuers with love and is eating incredibly well. DDRRR is blessed to have so many amazing people on her team including a surgical team, oncologist and critical care specialist evaluate her and they all agreed on the findings. They will do what's best for Serenity.

UPDATE 8/11/20: Serenity is doing great and even playing with her foster mommy and rescuers Patti! This is huge you guys! She is eating great and drinking well too. We are hoping she can start gaining some weight. She has already begun initial medications to help with a few issues including pain. Dallas Dog RRR are waiting on several specialists to see how to proceed. No matter how much time she has left Serenity deserves to be loved. She is so loving, constantly giving kisses and she just wants to be right next to you. Please continue to support her if you can.

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