Emergency Pet Pouch

Emergency Pet Pouch

In the wake of the current events we created a line of emergency pet products to keep pets safe. Sometimes there is little time to think of everything you may need for your pet in an emergency situation.

I have a special needs dog who needs seizure medication twice a day. If became ill or injured no-one would know what to give him. Now with this emergency zipper pouch I can keep important things like medication and supplies readily available. If I should become ill or injured or need to shelter in place now I know my baby will have everything he needs. Every bag comes with a free emergency information card where you can list everything needed to care for you pets.

Each zippered pouch has a concealed contrasting zipper closure and a black fabric strap. Our bag is 9.45" wide and 6" long.

The most important part is every emergency bag helps save animals in need. Please get one for yourself and your family to keep all of your pets safe.

** SHIPPING DISCLAIMER** Our offices are located in California. Our state is on a lockdown by the Governor. We are still sending these items because they are important for our pets. I am working around the clock to get the order sent ASAP. Please bear with us during this difficult time. Our normal shipping terms are 7-11 business days **

This product delivers a $3.00 donation with every purchase.
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Please expect a 7-10 business day turnaround on all shipments.