How We Give

Through your purchases, Hendrick & Co. helps to save animals, provide life-saving surgeries and procedures and fund on-going rehabilitative care for animals who have faced abuse, neglect and medical trauma. Partnering with more than 600 rescues, shelters and sanctuaries in the U.S. and Canada, Hendrick & Co. delivers a life-saving donation with every product you purchase. But, we are much more than a tee.

With every tee, hoodie, bracelet, necklace or pet accessory purchased, you can tell a story. We are about raising awareness of the need to help animals in need. We are about increasing awareness of the amazing work our nonprofit partners do to save animals in need. We are about being the voice for all animals.

What We Do

Meet some of the animals we have helped save and the amazing rescue behind them.

The Qualities We Look For

Local Impact

Rescues and sanctuaries operating locally is important to us. These are the people on the front lines of saving animals and need our help most.  

Commitment to Saving Animals

We seek partners that are committed to saving animals – from addressing medical needs to ensuring that every animal finds a loving home.

Strong Volunteer Organization

We know that saving animals takes a village. Having an army of volunteers is critical to the success of our nonprofit partners.

Extensive Foster Network

Nonprofit partners work with a network of nurturing and loving foster families that allow them to save even more animals in need. 

Our Impact


More than 5,000 animals, victims of abuse, neglect and torture, HAVE BEEN SAVED AND REHABILITATED through every purchase.


Over 600 RESCUES AND SHELTERS have partnered with Hendrick & Co. to save animals in need throughout the U.S. and Canada.


More than 500 ADOPTION AND REHOMING EVENTS have taken place because of our social media awareness campaigns.