Hendrick & Co. Giving Program Agreement

The Hendrick & Co. Giving Program is at the heart of what we do. We look to the H&C Giving Partners - rescues, sanctuaries and shelters throughout the U.S. and Canada - to help fulfill our promise to save animals we make to our customers. This H&C Giving Program Agreement provides information about the relationship between Hendrick & Co. and Nonprofit and will serve as the guideline for all Giving Program activities. 


The Hendrick & Co. Giving Program is intended to benefit animal shelter, pet rescue, sanctuary and/or pet adoption Nonprofits located in the U.S. having a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or in Canada as a registered charity.

Nonprofit should remain in good standing as a 501(c)(3) or registered charity (Canada) throughout their partnership with Hendrick & Co.

Nonprofit must have created diverse fundraising streams outside of co-venture relationships, a social media and online presence and an established volunteer and/or foster network.


Hendrick & Co. donations given are dependent upon product purchases and product donation amounts. Hendrick & Co. will work with Nonprofit to maximize overall donations, including marketing campaigns, social media and online tools and "Critical Needs" or special campaigns. 

The amount of the donation is established per product and is visible on associated product pages. Product donation amounts may change and will be updated on product pages. No donation will be given on free products ($0 value) or orders that are refunded, given store credit or include gift cards. Orders placed using gift cards will trigger the associated product donation amount. 

Hendrick & Co. agrees to provide the Nonprofit with any outstanding funds raised from the Giving Program within 90 days from the time the customer order is placed. Accounting of returns, exchanges and refunds may augment donations given. 

Hendrick & Co. will provide a special account access to every Nonprofit to view donations as orders are placed and view donations distributed. Nonprofit may opt to receive donations via PayPal or check. Hendrick & Co. may pay for the financial transaction fees associated with the distribution of donations through the purchases of product. Hendrick & Co. reserves the right to add fees associated with the collection and distribution of donations to Nonprofit. 

Nonprofit agrees to use the donations given by Hendrick & Co. strictly for the benefit of animals, including medical/vet expenses, pet adoption, foster care, rehabilitation and/or ongoing treatments. 

Donation amounts begin to accrue upon approval of the Nonprofit agreement.

Critical Needs Campaigns

All approved Nonprofits in the Hendrick & Co. Giving Program may participate in the Critical Needs Campaign Program, campaigns dedicated to raising the funds needed for specific animals in need. 

Nonprofit agrees to submit stories, photos and other pertinent information needed to create a Critical Needs campaign. Information submitted must be accurate, relevant and current. Inaccurate or misleading submissions may be grounds for Giving Program dismissal.

Hendrick & Co. will create campaign page and provide links to campaigns prior to campaign launch. Nonprofit agrees to review campaign pages for accuracy. Every campaign page will include, but not limited to, photos of the animal in need, story, Hendrick & Co. products and a section devoted to the Nonprofit caring for the animal in need. 

Critical Needs Campaign pages will be live on the Website for a period of 30 days. The campaign may continue beyond 30 days only at the request of the Nonprofit. After 30 days, the campaign page will be archived.

Nonprofit agrees to provide continued updates within the 30 day period and a final update when or if the animal is adopted and/or rehabilitated. 

Special Campaigns

Hendrick & Co. may work with select nonprofits in the creation of special campaigns aimed at raising funds to meet specific needs of animals within their organization. 


We encourage all Giving Partners to use marketing tools, such as newsletter, website and social media, to create awareness of the Hendrick & Co. Giving Program, Partnership, products and/or campaigns. Upon request, Hendrick & Co. will develop marketing tools including graphics, Facebook/Twitter posts and/or website banners for use by Nonprofit. 

Hendrick & Co. agrees to use its website, social media assets, newsletter and/or paid online advertisements to assist in marketing products and campaigns for Nonprofits. 

Nonprofit agrees to submit to Hendrick Boards for approval – prior to distribution, broadcast or publication thereof – all printed material, publicity releases and advertising relating to the Program which mentions Hendrick Boards or contains any graphic elements associated with the Company;

In accordance with the standards adopted by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, the Nonprofit agrees to references to the Nonprofit, on Hendrick & Co. Website and applicable print, social media and online materials: (a) that the Nonprofit is the benefiting organization and (b) a link to the Nonprofit’s website and/or contact information. 


Nonprofit represents to Hendrick & Co. that: (a) it will comply with all applicable laws during the planning, promotion and conduct of the Program: (b) the Program will result in no cost or expense to Hendrick & Co. whatsoever, unless expressly agreed in writing to the contrary; and (c) it will indemnify, defend, and hold Hendrick & Co. harmless from any and all claims of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of, or in any way related to, the Program.

Upon approval of the Nonprofit, this agreement becomes active. Hendrick & Co. and/or Nonprofit may terminate this agreement in writing at any time.