Solider: Infested with maggots around the tumor, tail, and in anus!

Soldier came with a grossly large tumor and tail that looked to have been partially cut off with bones exposed and rotting flesh . Maggots were present around the tumor, tail, and in anus which is heart breaking. Soldier was also flea infested and anemic!

Yesterday surgery was performed to remove the large tumor hanging off of Soldier's back leg. It weighed 5.5 pounds! Can you believe that? Another small tumor was removed that was hidden under larger tumor. Both were sent out for pathology. Soldier also had his tail amputated. It was not salvageable with so much necrotic tissue and bones exposed. These surgeries were serious and he has and is being monitored very closely. His PCV (packed cell volume) is at 19 . Which is very low. His vital signs are being watched and if need be a transfusion will administered immediately.

Another sad fact is when radiographs were done on his abdomen, a foreign metal object was detected. It has the appearance and shape of a sewing needle. Vet staff will repeat radiographs in a few days to see if there has been any movement of said object. To do exploratory surgery is the last thing this poor boy needs at this time. Soldier's condition is guarded, so please keep this baby angel close to your heart. Please know that we appreciate you all.

Soldier will have a long road to recovery. We have partnered with The Arrow Fund and Soldier to help save his life! Please consider purchasing one of his tees, hoodies or accessory below to help us with his life saving care.

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