Latte was left at the end of her life with a huge tumor growing from her tummy.

This is one of those stories that is simply unbelievable. This poor sweet senior beagle was brought into a SC vet in horrific shape. Rescuers have named her Latte. Not only is she in rough shape but Latte has a huge open infected tumor hanging from her belly. So large it drags on the floor as she attempts to walk.

Latte has been rushed to an emergency vet for lifesaving medical care. Given that she is so old this is a really delicate situation. The emergency veterinarian says she is extremely anemic. Her infection has spread so badly that surgery had to be proposed until last night to give doctors time to stabilize Latte.

To stabilize her she had a blood transfusion. Vet staff said her gums were completely white and she could not stand. Whom ever dumped her waited until this senior girl was on deaths door. We do not know the situation her previous owners were in and we wont speculate but this case will be investigated. It is in the hands of the authorities. We wont know anything anytime soon about the case.

What we are focused on now is saving Latte. Emergency staff were able to stabilize Latte last night so she was rushed into surgery to remove the large tumor. The surgery was successful but the scary thing now is waiting for the biopsy results on the tumor. We chose not to post about this girl until today so we had more information for you. Latte needs your help more then ever. If she is going to recovery she needs your support!

We have created this campaign page to help raise awareness and funds for Latte’s recovery. Everything you see here whether its a bracelet, tote bag, teeshirt or hoodie it all helps miss Latte along her journey. We do not know what the future will hold but we do know this… we will not stop saving Latte until we can undo what horrors she has endured. Help us make the holidays about saving Latte. Make your holidays gifts this year matter! Thank you!

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