Anniston appearance shocked rescuers and doctors.

We are in SHOCK and can not believe what we are seeing with our own two eyes. Our partners Second Chance Rescue NYC were just contacted by a rural shelter about a 4-month-old male puppy who was just picked up by one of their officers. Called in as a stray dog, nothing could prepare the officer for what he was about to find.

This puppy's eyes are swollen, his skin is oozing and dripping with blood. His ears, feet, and legs are swollen from so much infection. The pain he is experiencing is obvious in the way he cries when he is touched. This broke our hearts.

This baby's condition did not develop overnight. Which means some heartless person watched him deteriorate over time, watched his skin swell with infection, and become more and more lethargic. SCR NYC have named him Anniston and can not allow him to waste away. We imagine Anniston gave what he had left of himself, as weak as he is, to escape this life of torture to find his happiness. We need to give Anniston the happy ending he fought for!

Anniston has a long road and as always we cannot do these rescues without your support. Please help Anniston get the care he needs. We don't know what lies ahead for Anniston, but we do know he has a long road to recovery .. if recovery is possible. Second Chance Rescue NYC is a licensed Non Profit Organization and rely solely on donations to continue their life-saving work. They cannot do this without us.

This is where we are asking for your help! We have partnered with Second Chance Rescue NYC to create these animal saving shirts, sweaters and accessories to raise the funds needed to save Anniston. Everything from a tee to a bracelet can help SCR NYC give Anniston the life saving care this innocent victim needs!

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