Sage is an abused senior girl fighting for her life.

This poor girl just breaks my heart. Meet the severely emaciated and horribly abused senior female Min-Pin named Sage. Our partners at The Arrow Fund are at capacity but they knew they had to step up to save this poor neglected and abused girl. Now we are here to help them save tiny Sage.

Rescuers and volunteers transported Sage from Davies County , Kentucky to The Arrow Fund in Louisville, Kentucky. There she was taken to the emergency clinic for life saving care. This case is under investigation by police so there will be no public details at this time. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

This sweetheart is in critical shape. We are surprised she is even alive. Sage is undergoing lots of testing today. She will see cardiologist Dr.Bell today, due to a heart murmur. Sage is severely emaciated, and has had uncontrolled diabetes for a while. She is blind from diabetic cataracts and will see Dr. Tolar next week to see if her eyes can be saved . She must be fed very small meals several times a day to make sure her body processes the food correctly. This girl is only half the body weight she should be . She only weighs 5 pounds!

All Sage just wants to be held and feel safe. This sweet girl did not deserve such neglect … Every minute counts. Please keep her close to your heart. Thank you to all of our supporters. Working together we can and do make a difference in the lives of of these innocent creatures. We appreciate you all.

The Arrow Fund is a licensed Non Profit Organization and rely solely on donations to continue their life-saving work. They cannot do this without us.

This is where we are asking for your help! We have partnered with TAF to create these animal saving shirts, sweaters and totes to raise the funds needed to give Sage a second chance. With your help they can save her and give Sage a new life full of love and pain free.

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