The Face Mask That Can Save Larry

The Face Mask That Can Save Larry

Purchase the mask that can help save Larry! These are our best masks yet. Made from our two-ply jersey for breathability and elastic bands sewn around the entire mask. Tailored to fit the contours of your nose and chin. They are reusable, washable and keep you protected! We are offering two sizes to fit your face best. Supports the Humane Society of Louisiana.

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Puppy completely infested with thousands of ticks and unable to stand.

Urgent case from Dallas Dog RRR. They just rescued this tiny pup who is completely infested with fleas and ticks. One of the worst tick infestations I have ever seen. They are sucking him dry making him anemic and weak. It is hard for him to stand.

As the volunteer approached the vet he collapsed and was rushed into the back. They are fighting to save his life! They found ticks between his toes, in his beard and mouth, belly and under his arms!

Larry has made it through the night. They weren’t sure if he was strong enough but he is! He will remain in ICU due to the anemia, hydration and risk of disease. The ticks are continuing to fall of him he is finally feeling a little better he did eat this morning!

We are sponsoring Larry’s care. This type of care will cost DDRRR thousands of dollars and those are funds they do not have. Please consider getting one of our face masks to help us sponsor his care!

UPDATE 6/29/20: Sweet Larry has been released from the hospital, but he is still very weak but making progress. He is getting some loving and snuggle time.