Save Namaste Magnet

Save Namaste Magnet

A stray girl was found by animal control out in the field. Her back has severe burns from fire not chemical. We are not sure if she was in a house fire or if someone did this to her intentionally. It's scary and heartbreaking to even think about it.

This tiny girl was at the shelter but they could not provide her with the care she needed. Second Chance Rescue NYC rushed the burned stray to their emergency room where doctors were waiting to stabilize her. Because many of our facilities are being closed across the nation this type of care will cost rescuers thousands.

Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue NYC have named her Namaste. Funds are extremely slow with what we are facing across the globe so we are here to help sponsor Namaste’s care.

I have created these Pet Emergency Magnets to help us raise those funds. These magnets alert first responders that you have pets in your home and provides them with important information.

You can either purchase one of our Pet Emergency Magnets or donate (venmo: nycsecondchancerescue).

Our large 5” x 5” fridge magnet displays how many pets are in your house, their names/ages, your name and phone number, 2 emergency contacts and phone numbers, vet and phone number, as well as any additional critical noteworthy info such as medicine. We recommend using a fine tip sharpie marker to write in your information.

This product delivers a $1.50 donation with every purchase.
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