Hendrick & Co.

Nearly 7 years ago, Hendrick & Co. founder David Hendrickson met a 6-month-old Chihuahua puppy at the local shelter. David soon learned that the puppy had been poisoned via his mother who had ingested household chemicals. William, as he would be called, was not expected to live for long. David adopted William that same day, if only to give him the best last few weeks of his life. Now, William is healthy, happy and the inspiration behind Hendrick & Co.

Wanting to help the same shelters and rescues that saved William, David Hendrickson founded Hendrick & Co. in 2011. What began with a simple idea that one rescue tee can save an animal in need has grown into a powerful movement, with hundreds of products, that support more than 600 local animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries across the nation.

If you are interested in carrying Hendrick & Co. products in your retail stores, please contact retail@hendrickboards.com.

Hendrick & Co. can be reached via email at customerservice@hendrickboards.com or simply go to the Contact Us page.

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