Hendrick & Co. Nonprofit Support Program

We created Hendrick & Co. for only one purpose - to save animals in need. We have done this by partnering with more than 600 rescues, sanctuaries and shelters across the nation. Every purchase made delivers a life-saving donation to a nonprofit caring for an animal in need. We have partnered with ShoppingGives to deliver donations monthly. When customers make a purchase, the corresponding product donation is sent directly the PayPal Giving Fund. We never charge nonprofits any fees for delivery of donations.
Only 501(c)(3) nonprofits in good standing are eligible to receive donations. Nonprofits must also have a verified PayPal Giving Program account.

Animals in Need

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Custom Products for YOur Nonprofit

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For every campaign that we launch, we will create a custom illustration based upon the photos you submit. This piece of art, combined with a strong message, will be put on an array of products including: shirts, hoodies, blankets, totes, drinkware and much more. Holiday bestsellers, such as ornaments and tree skirts, will also be introduced during the Holiday season.


We have teamed up with Shopping Gives to provide a seamless integration experience for both our customers and our nonprofit partners. When a customer makes a purchase, the donation is automatically sent to your PayPal Giving Fund account. Just make sure to claim your PayPal Giving Fund account.

PayPal Giving Fund


We have seen a 45% increase in donations by simply sharing the campaign page to your fans on your social media platforms and in your newsletter. And, keep posting, especially announcing updates on animals in need.

Patti o'Connell Dawson

Dallas DogRRR Raises more Than $8000

Over the last few months, Dallas Dog RRR has raised $8,982. How did they do it? Dallas Dog RRR launched multiple campaigns for animals in need, provided frequent updates to keep campaigns top of mind and implemented a social media outreach program.

Jeff Dorson

Humane Society of Louisiana Raises $700 to Save Animals

The Humane Society of Louisiana raised $700 through the Animals in Need program at Hendrick & Co. The campaign included custom digital artwork and an aggressive social media effort.