Rebel Leader Attacks

Attacking Rebel Leaders is one of the best ways to generate speed-ups, truces, VIP points and materials for equipment. Aside from Level 1 Rebel Leaders, it will typically take multiple hits to destroy a Rebel Leader. Each consecutive hit will receive a damage bonus. And every successful defeat will result in an alliance reward.

To successfully defeat a Level 3 Rebel Leader, it will take me 6 to 7 consecutive hits or attacks. Currently, every attack uses 1,148 Motivation. So every expedition will cost a total of 6,888 Motivation. This will improve with stronger commanders and higher Expedition & Pacification levels.

With each and every attack on a Rebel Leader, you will receive rewards. These rewards are usually better than the alliance gift a defeat generates at the defeat of Level 3 Rebel Leaders. In fact, at least one of the attack rewards at Level 3 are always better than the alliance gift. But the alliance gifts are always great in and of itself. Monkis' attack yesterday, for instance, generated 2 3-hour speed-ups. But, earlier today, Monkis generated only a 15k iron Alliance Gift*. It varies considerably. (I have a theory that the more motivation used, the better the alliance gift. But, this is far from proven).

Potential Attack Rewards include (materials will differ depending on type of Rebel Leader):

The big rewards for that one attack occur at different points along the entire expedition (multiple hits). Sometimes, the big rewards will occur on the 2nd attack; others occur at the 5th attack. Sometimes, there is a secondary "big reward". It seems to be random. But, as of yet, I have never not received a big reward during the 6-7 attacks on a Level 3 Rebel Leader. There has been only exception and that occurred earlier today, which prompted this discussion.

Here is a sample of the rewards during an entire attack span:

Attack 1

Attack 2

Attack 3 ***Big Reward

Attack 4 ***Big Reward

Attack 5

Attack 6

While the alliance gift can be significant and I never would want to downplay its efficacy, the attack rewards is what I have my sight on because they consistently deliver large speed-ups and decent VIP points at Level 3. Level 4 attack rewards are just incredible.

Now to the issue at hand. At Level 3, any given full expedition (counting all 6 attacks) can generate only 1 of each of the big rewards. In other words, you have an opportunity to receive only 1 8-hour speed-up among the 6 attacks you would need to defeat the Rebel Leader. On one occasion, I received 1 8-hour general hasten and 1 8-hour research speed-up. But, it seems to be limited to one of each as a maximum and once rewarded, it cannot be rewarded again.

When you go on these expeditions for Rebel Leaders, you are spending all of your motivation (and sometimes you would need to use your extra motivations) and you are spending a significant amount of time, depending on the distance between your castle and the Rebel Leader. In areas where there are enemies, I often use speed-ups during the last 35 percent of the life of a Rebel Leader, for often, they will come in to attempt to defeat the rebel leader.

But, in the case presented today, a CTR member attacked a Rebel Leader directly after my 4th attack. The Rebel Leader still had 40 percent left at that point. I can care less who generates the Alliance Gift. But, what I do care about are those attack rewards, particularly the speed-ups. Any given attack has the possibility of delivering the big rewards and this is where it gets frustrating.

Every day, I regenerate enough Motivation to go on 2 expeditions for Level 3 Rebel Leaders to target those speed-ups. The most I have received in one expedition is 20 hours of speed-ups.

For one person to come in and attack a Rebel Leader that a fellow alliance member is targeting is upsetting for one reason. That one attack, which they used 1,148 Motivation, could have resulted in an easy pickup of speed-ups. I, on the other hand, will spend 7,000. It certainly is a game of chance.

But, think about this situation among our own alliance members. I can simply troll every CTR member and attack immediately following every one of their attacks thereby taking away their ability to secure the speed-ups, VIP points and truces. It would be utter chaos, because we failed to address the issue at hand. But, if this is your way, then I think you would need to announce to all of CTR that it will be a free-for-all.

Most CTR members do not act like the instances experienced earlier in the day because most of us get it. We target a Rebel Leader and try to defeat him or her in one sitting, which oftentimes requires multiple attacks. And, in the event we fall short, we share the coordinates on Alliance Chat for others to come in to finish off the Rebel Leader. 

In a nutshell, there is a significant difference between the Attack Rewards and the Alliance Gift. The bonuses at level 3 Rebel Leaders seem to be more consistently bigger at the Attack Rewards level, as opposed to the Alliance Gift level. Thereby, it becomes more important to the person attacking the level 3 Rebel Leader, from start to finish, while is also generating a beneficial Alliance Gift to all members. Those who are "farming" with no intent to destroy the Rebel Leader is something that needs to be addressed, one way or another. 

*Variation in Alliance Gifts for Level 3 Rebel Leaders