The Amazing Story of Sammy

From bait dog to part of a loving family, this is the story of how hundreds of Hendrick & Co. customers came together to save Sammy with a simple tee.

This is the story of Sammy. Found staggering in the streets of Southern California, Sammy was littered with lacerations and bleeding scars. His face was thrashed, likely at the hands of a local dog fighting ring. Sammy could barely move.
David Hendrickson, founder of hendrick & co. saw sammy and immediately reached out to the Pet Rescue Center, one of Hendrick & Co.'s nonprofit partners. The vet immediately stitched up sammy's open wounds, treated his bleeding scars and administered antibiotics to fight secondary infections.
But, what was truly amazing is what happened next. While in recovery himself, another abused dog, who was poisoned, came in. Sammy was the only match for a blood transfusion in order to save the other dog. Sammy became a local hero and a hero for another abused dog. 
When David Hendrickson took sammy off the streets and into the care of the pet rescue center, he immediately created an online "critical needs" campaign for sammy, to raise the funds needed for his care. Hundreds of hendrick & co. customers heeded his call and purchased shirts, that gave back $10 to help save sammy. because of the purchases made, sammy's medical care was fully funded. 
sammy was our very first "critical needs" campaign. Since then, we have launched more than 2,000 campaigns to save animals in need. With every tee, hoodie or accessory purchased, every purchase can save an animal in need. 

With every tee, hoodie, bracelet, tote or necklace purchased, you will save an animal in need.