Save Amora Tote

Save Amora Tote

I am very rarely speechless with a case but this is the worst case I have ever seen. This sweet stray wandered onto a stranger's yard who called rescuers for help. Dallas Dog RRR sent a volunteer to transfer the stray girl straight to the emergency vets. Volunteers, nurses and doctors were in shock.

There are hundreds if not thousands of ticks infesting every ounce of her body. In her ears, in her mouth, between her toes, on her genitalia and all over her body. She is also covered in maggots and fleas. She had an emergency blood transfusion to stabilize her. With all of these tickets feeding off of her she had little blood left.

Staff had already spent hours removing the ticks from her body over the past two days. This is a monumental task. The entire time she is under pain medications and kept very comfortable. She is under 24 hour ICU Care.

This little girl has a long road ahead of her but she can make a full recovery. Her name is now Amora and she is still in critical condition and her blood values are extremely low! She will need to be monitored closely. Her rescuers at Dallas Dog RRR need your support in sponsoring her ongoing care.

I have created the custom Amora tote bags you see here. Please continue purchasing on and help sponsor her care! Please pray for tiny Amora and If you can I ask that you help me sponsor her! This tote comes in two sizes. Everyday tote measures 16" x 14.5" and the Shopper Tote measures 15" x 15" with 5" depth. Get your tote and help sponsor Amora's vet bills!

This product delivers a $5.00 donation with every purchase.
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