Save Gus Mug

Save Gus Mug

Dallas Dog RRR is taking this puppy in! This dog was cut almost in half. A metal wire was wrapped around his torso and authorities believe this was done to try and castrate him. Just when you think you’ve seen it all this happens.

Dallas Dog RRR took one look at Gus and knew they needed to act quickly. Gus was stabilized and transported across the border into an emergency clinic in South Texas. He was anemic and will require surgery to clean and try to close up his wounds. Rescuers had to literally cut the wire out of his body to free him. He is under 24 hour emergency care.

UPDATE: I know this is graphic but we cannot turn a blind eye on Gus. The doctor reported they were not able to completely close his wound but they did clean and debris the wounds. They were going to place drains to get the fluid off. He will be getting hydrotherapy daily and we get the would area to heal!

UPDATE: Just wanted to update sweet Gus he had surgery and is doing well! He had a wire wrapped around him with the thoughts that would castrate him. Good news is he is doing well!

The wire was wrapped so tight it left a wound 1-2 inches wide and a little over an inch deep.

We are sponsoring his care. This type of care will cost DDRRR thousands of dollars and those are funds they do not have. Please consider a contribution to help Gus donate or get one of his custom mugs. Every mug triggers a donation to help Dallas Dog RRR save sweet Gus.

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