Halo: Puppy beaten and shot in the head 3 times

Halo: Puppy beaten and shot in the head 3 times
On Friday night, Lake Charles Pitbull Rescue in Lake Charles, Louisiana received a call about a puppy with a severe head injury. They picked him up immediately and took him straight to their vet.
When prepping him for the drain tube and x-rays, they found what appeared to be two puncture wounds. What they are in reality are entry wounds. He was shot in the head three times. He is about 5 months old and still has his baby canines. His name is Halo.
Not only does he have 3 bullets lodged in his brain, but his skull is also fractured and he will be blind in one eye. They also noticed that he had been beaten with such blunt force that he has a severe leg and shoulder fracture causing the poor puppy to limp on his left leg. More than likely he was badly beaten before being shot in the head 3 times. Even after all humans have done to him, he is still licking and loving.
Thanks to Lake Charles Pitbull Rescue, Halo is now getting the loving care he needs. Hendrick Boards has created this special campaign to raise funds to help Halo survive. Every shirt triggers a donation of $10 to help Halo. If you would like to skip the shirt, you can donate directly to: https://www.facebook.com/LakeCharlesPitBullRescue


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