Save Isaac with our white wine glasses!

Save Isaac with our white wine glasses!

Select from the Best Dog Mom or the Best Cat Mom wine tumbler and help save Isaac. With every purchase, we will donate to save Isaac and you can give the gift every fur mother would love.

This product delivers a $4.00 donation with every purchase.
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Isaac was left on the streets with a rag wrapped around his mangled leg

Friends this is an urgent case from our partners at New York Bully Crew. Little Isaac was hit by a car on a street in Peru. Someone tried to help by wrapping a rag around his leg but he was left on the street several injured. His leg was completely mangles from the hit and run. People were walking past but not helping.

New York Bully Crew works with rescuers on the ground in Peru. Karina, Peruvian rescuer, was contacted by a concerned citizen. She immediately rushed Isaac to one of the top vets in Peru. There was already a found stench combing from his wound and body. Infection and rot had already set in. Time is of the essence to remove the rotting flesh and amputate his mangled limb.

To save his life, doctors had to remove his leg. Street dogs are treating with cruelty in Peru and no dogs deserves to die in the streets. We ask that you please pray for Isaac, share his story and help us cover the costs for his care. 

With every purchase you make, we can help save Isaac together.

New York Bully Crew

New York Bully Crew is a 501c3 not-for-profit rescue organization founded in December 2010. Though based on Long Island, NYBC’s outreach is nationwide. NYBC strives to bring positive attention to the most loyal breed one could encounter, and give second chances to those who have been discarded by humans